Research Projects

Projects conducted by Cellular and Molecular  Gerash Research Center

1.       Detection of common mutations of GJB2, GJB6, SLC26A4, TECTA, PJVK genes in patients with nonsyndromic hearing loss referred to the health care centers of Larestan (Aliyar Pirouzi2013)

2.       Study of some of pretreatments on germination and early growth of seedling fennel under salt stress condition (Mehdi Mohsenzadeh 2012)

3.       Study of proline effects on Biochemical, physiological and growth changes fennel plant (Foeniculum vulgare Miller.) in in vitro culture conditions (Mohamad jafari 2011)

4.       Pharmacogenetic effect of MMP3 promoter single nucleotide polymorphism on heart stroke in Fars province (Aliyar Pirouzi 2011)

5.       survery of the prevalence of Cutaneous Lishmaniasis and identification of parasit species in south of Fars province (Aliyar Pirouzi2012)

6.       Evaluation of medicinal plant extracts (Cichorium intybus, Peganum harmala & Portulaca oleracea) on proliferation of normal and cancer cell lines In vitro. (Mehdi mohsenzadeh 2011)

7.       Effect of Glycyrrhiza glabra roots and Cassia angustifolia leafs on certain cancer cells and NIH 3T3 fibroblast normal cells using cell culture. (Mohamad jafari 2011)

8.       the using of Tetra-primer ARMS technique for detection of common mutations in patients with beta thalassemia in gerash city  (Mohamad jafari 2013)

9.       The Effect of Lora in Comparison of Silver Sulfadiazine And Normal Saline On Healing Of Skin Second Burn Wound In Rat (Mohamad azadi & Aliyar pirouzi 2012)

10.   Study of the prevalence of SEN virus in Liver transplantiation graft (recipient) patients and comparison with healthy blood donors (Mehdi Mohsenzadeh 2011)

11.   Determination of Hepatitis B Antibody leves in vaccinated medical staffs of Evaz Hospital (Mohamad azadi & Aliyar pirouzi 2010)

12.   The effect of beta-esteradiol on the expression of neuroprotective factors TGFbeta1andTGFbeta2 in cultured astrocytes (Ahmad abdollahi 2010)

13.   Evalusion of  the Heavy metal ,Antimicrobial resistance and plasmid pattern in kelebsilla isolated from urinary tract infaction in gerash city (Mohamad jafari 2011)

14.   The evaluation of molecular of TT virus hepatitis patients (HBV, HCV) and in patients infected with HIV , in comparison with healthy blood donors (Aliyar pirouzi)

15.   Determination of Hepatitis B Antibody titer in vaccinated medical students of Gerash medical sciences school, Fars province (Mohamad jafari 2010)

16.   Study of the prevalence of GB virus type C in HIV infected patients and and comparison with healthy blood donors (Mohamad jafari 2010)

17.   Association of C-1562T single nucleotide polymorphism in matrix metalloproteinase 9 gene and relation to common lung cancers in Fars province (Samaneh Hajihosieni & Mohamad jafari 2010)

18.   The investigation of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) and prevalence of prostate cancer in men over 40years in Gerash City (Raziye mansourabadi & Aliyar pirouzi 2010)

19.   Evaluation of protective effects of Thymus sp. Extract against DNA damage induced by Cyclophosphamid in mouse bone marrow cells by using the micronucleus test (Abbas Salmani & Mehdi mohsenzadeh 2010)

20.   Study of167del T and 35del G gjb2 gene mutation in non syndromic hearing loss in Kourdeh village of larestan (Samaneh Hajihosieni & Aliyar Pirouzi 2011)

21.   Prevalence of Intestinal parasitic infections in primery and high school students of Gerash in 1389 - 90 (Mollaee & Khorrami 2010)

22.   Prevalene of Toxoplasma Gondii infection in female student of Gerash paramedical university's and Lar nursing university and female Seminary students using ELISA (Mollaee & Khorrami 2010)

23.   The investigation of hyperbilirubinemia in the first hours after birth and assessment risk factors in the Grash Hospital (Mohamad azadi & Aliyar pirouzi 2010)

24.   Study the Prevalence and genotyping of GBV-C and HCV viruses among thalamic and hemodialysis patients in Larestan (Ramin Yaghobi & Mehdi mohsenzadeh 2009)


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